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Style Suggestions

Hi all!

This is my first ever blog post and let me tell you it was incredibly tough to narrow down what I should write about! I feel like i’m having a flash back to my Live Journal and Xanga days (holla if you know what those are!), only this will be less emotionally unstable and hopefully provide posts of actual substance.

Anyway, I’ve decided to do what many photographers have done at some point in time or another and offer tips on what to wear for your session as it’s a frequently asked question. I’m writing this as if you are planning your engagement session wardrobe but really these suggestions can apply to family sessions as well.

1) Dress yourself! You don’t want your grandparents to receive your save the date and wonder who in the world is sending them mail because they don’t recognize the two on the front of the card. These pictures are for you, you want to represent you and your partner. That’s it!

2) Don’t match. You see this a lot of times with family beach sessions, everyone wearing white t-shirts, and while that may be the look you’re going for I wouldn’t suggest wearing the same outfits. Wear complimentary colors, colors in the same family and mix it up.

3) Pair a pattern with a solid color. Layers are also amazing, obviously more so in the cooler months.

4) Have your hair and make-up trial before your session. This is almost solely for my engaged couples but I’ve had some gorgeous women do this for their family sessions and rocked it! If at all possible, have your trial before your session, if not then consider having your hair or make up done, it photographs so nicely and most make-up artists know how to apply make-up that shows beautifully in pictures. Again, not a requirement and if this really doesn’t feel natural for you, then don’t do it! For others this is a great idea because they may not have pictures taken often and so why not go all out? Also, if you’re like me…curling your own hair just isn’t an option unless you’re only going to photograph the two strands I manage to curl in the front of my head.

5) Aim for a casual outfit and a more dressy outfit. Not everyone does an outfit change, but this is a great way to have two different looks for your engagement pictures. Jeans and flip flops are also hit or miss, but again if that’s your style then go for it!

6) Do research on the location you’re going to have your photos done at, or just ask me! If we’re going to be walking in the woods and down a rocky path to the water, heels probably are going to be unrealistic. 

7) Avoid clothing with wording or large branding labels. People may never understand what “Juiy” is meant to imply (Juicy with the “C” hidden somewhere in a fold), terrible example…bare with me. Unless Abercrombie is paying you to wear their clothing in a session, no need to advertise!

8) Pick colors that fit with the time of year of your session and colors that go great with your skin tones. I’m pale, like…if I have a hole in my pants it looks like i’m wearing white leggings underneath…kind of pale. So you just need to be mindful of what colors look good on you or your partner or make your eyes pop!

9) Accessorize. Watches, scarves, shoes, necklaces, earrings, nail polish. This is also a great way to add pops of color into the wardrobe.

10) Make sure you’re comfortable! Have someone take a full body shot of you on your phone before pictures to see how your clothing fits to your body. 

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Here are some examples of couples and families who have rocked it without any help from me!

Hope this was somewhat helpful!

Thanks for reading,



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