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Rachael & Ryan – Engagement

Rachael is one of my HS best friends, many of my memories from 2003-2007 include her, needless to say it was such a compliment when she asked me to be her wedding photographer. Initially, Rachael asked me if I wanted to be a guest or if I would be interested in being their photographer to which I obviously said PHOTOGRAPHER, PLEASE. I get to hang out with them all day, I get to see and feel their excitement and anticipation, and I get to have my own memories with them before they walk down the aisle. Ryan is the perfect balance to Rachael-in fact after their engagement session Rachael opened the trunk to their car to find a change of clothes for the O’s game Ryan had planned for them to attend with friends. I know their wedding is going to be SO much fun and I’m looking forward to a unique color pallet: teal (like the eyeliner I used to wear) and copper-our tastes are similar so I had no doubt she’d deliver. Enjoy some of my favorites from their Rawlings Conservatory session in Baltimore, MD.


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